I’m still playing with Deep Dream today and I can’t seem to put it down. I am considering feeding imagery back into the program to enhance the chaos further but I’m also playing with new images to see what’s possible.

This result particularly disturbs me. I found a cracked mirror on a pavement yesterday whilst out walking. I took an obscure selfie and fed the photograph directly into Deep Dream. The original bare legs seem to have been transformed into a naked torso. Meanwhile my hands and torso are now some kind of dog gas mask.  The original photograph is uncomfortable but the transformation is just surreal. I feel like I’m looking at some sort of post-apocalyptic dream world where peacocks and spaniels are king and reptilian neckties are the latest fashion.

I’m not sure whether Deep Dream is of the same importance as Mandelbrot or the start of something more sinister. Is this the start of artificial sentience or just a clever tool? One day will it will rise up and conquer the earth. The future will be interesting whichever way it turns out.

I can’t stop looking.

Cracked 1st Iteration

Cracked 1st Iteration

Cracked Original

Cracked Original


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