Chasing the Real

The joy of being self-employed is that every day is different and every call is potential work. I do hours and hours of research and fact finding in order to chase just one lead and that might ultimately go nowhere. I can’t count on there being any money until it’s in the bank and invoices sometimes take a while to come through.

With time and patience the list of contacts is steadily growing and I’m getting a reputation as somebody good to work with. Today I had a phone call from a potential client to do some potential work with some lovely people who are in need of my skills. This will mean hours more admin and meetings with the hope that this will pay very real dividends at the end.

This week is typical for August in that I am doing around 40 hours chasing potential work and only one hour of paid work. Every now and then my brain tells me to go and get a simpler job, one where I’m employed by someone else and the wages are more frequent; where there is sick pay and annual leave. But this week the potential work is coming in so thick and fast that if just 10% of it comes to fruition I’ll bring in enough real money to balance the books for the rest of the year.

Meanwhile I also have to press on with the artwork between phone calls and emails. I’ve just reached the half way point with Stare Down. Let’s hope I can get another layer done before the phone rings again.


‘Stare Down’ work in progress


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