For a Limited Time Only

Back in May I mentioned a little exhibition called Leftovers V which has been touring the world. Since Summer 2014 this printmaking show has been to Australia, New Zealand, and Rhondda Wales. This week it’s here in Swansea and it brings me great pleasure to see it here in my hometown.

I’d forgotten all about this work. I’m looking back in my own archives which helpfully tell me that I made this series in 2013. It seems like a million years ago that I was here in Swansea Print Workshop making this little print. I don’t do a lot of printmaking and it’s been so long since I made art in this way. This print was created using a plate made out of cardboard. I carefully scraped away the surface in the pattern you see here and after a few layers of varnish it was ready to go. Cardboard plates are very flimsy and the run of prints you can make is extremely limited. I still have the plates from this series around here somewhere.

Some of the prints I made from this collection are currently for sale at the Workers Gallery in Ynyshir. Leftovers V is at Swansea Print Workshop until the end of Saturday.



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