Noise Dolls

Today sees a little independent zine published over in the south east of England. Noise Dolls is now in its fifth edition and features a whole array of articles on the creative arts by artists, poets and even the ramblings of a disheartened socialist. Each edition is released on a limited print run and is available to buy on bandcamp or at select shows.

This edition features an article on me and Ben Honebone and tells of all sorts of things about our Structured Chaos work as well as a little bit about how the arts and music can coexist on a collaborative plane.

We’ve always believed that independence and self-reliance are the key to succeeding in being true to yourself. It’s great to support a little independent zine such as Noise Dolls and enjoy the mutual support of everybody featured.

Noise Dolls Records was founded in February 2010 and focuses on live music events, distros, art, photography, zines, multimedia-visuals, sound, art installations, and poetry. The Noise Dolls zine is a natural extension of promoting the independent arts and showcasing some unique talents.

I’d like to thank Ella Penn and Joseph Ferris-Moore for including us in Noise Dolls 005. Available now from


'Noise Dolls 005' cover by Charlie Tolfree



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