Bee Kind

I found this little bumblebee struggling so I gave him a little honey on the edge of a piece of old plastic and watched him a while. I don’t like to squash little creatures and if I can I’ll help a little guy like this rather than let him get trodden on.

There’s lots of talk at the moment in social media about karma being all about when nasty people get their comeuppance. As far as I can tell this is just a way for other people to wallow in negativity and promote hate. Nobody ever seems to want to share the positive benefits of karma. For me it is about being kind when you have the opportunity. It’s about promoting positivity and being the best you can. What goes around comes around in so many different ways that it really doesn’t pay to spread negative stuff. Similarly photography for me is about examining the little things in life and finding a positive view even in the gloomiest of situations. Using the camera therapeutically can have a massive positive effect on how you see life.

Little beasties like this are just as important as humans in the great scheme of things. I’ve always been one for feeding the birds and the bees. These little creatures are what make the world go round; not us. We depend on them as pollinators and seed dispersers, and as barometers of the state of the natural world. Even though this bee is just one of many, he is an important little life.

He’s also very groggy and a little drunk from his honey binge.





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