Is the light on?

What do you see? How do you see it? How can you explain it to others?

I’ve just been thinking about people who don’t necessarily have the same level of communication skills as others and who often get misread or misinterpreted as a result. Some people with are wired in noticeably different ways and don’t fit in as well as others. Some are labelled stupid since they refuse to recognize academia as a valid measure of smartness. Others are smart in the eyes of society and yet can’t see even the simplest things in front of them.

How we register our needs and opinions to each other is complex and evolving. Verbal communication becomes a subjective; non-verbal communication becomes instinctive. Truth evolves into argument, pragmatism becomes a matter of opinion, and an eye-witness is suddenly not witness to any argument that can hold water.

For example, what do you see here? Is the light on?



5 thoughts on “Is the light on?

  1. I see a reflection of another building in the left hand window. Nothing on the right other than light.
    On the flip side, the building facing you could be a ruin with no structure to it’s immediate back, only to one side which is visible thru the window.

  2. There is no roof on the building, what you see in the sunlight, which is being recorded as ‘over-exposure’ by the camera sensor. The exterior building walls have been exposed to provide a reasonable image. There is no glass in the windows.

  3. This is a really insightful post! I enjoyed how you speak about beings typically linking stupidity with the lack of academia. This is almost always occurring on a daily basis. Although I take pride in education and knowledge.. I refuse to place myself on a pedestal over others. The beauty in humanity is that we are all different with our own niches. Anyone who looks down on that is pathetic.
    I also enjoyed the comments you pose on truth and finding it; great post!!

    -Truth Seeker

  4. Thanks to you all for your thoughts. It’s interesting to debate the actual and physical with what your mind tricks you into seeing. It’s also interesting to hear how language seems inadequate in describing images sometimes. Marvellous stuff.

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