On Display

Another interesting day at the Creative Bubble here in Swansea and a massive amount of progress done to Stare Down. Tomorrow we’ll be revealing the finished picture.

The feedback from visitors to the Bubble has been great. Most discussions have included suggestions on how to present the finished artworks from the Structured Chaos series online so that people can see the work in greater detail. There’s no easy solution here since a photograph of Stare Down, as a 2-D representation of a 3-D object, automatically flattens and kills it. A full frontal photograph of Stare Down automatically returns the mind back to the original uncut and unlayered state. Instead then we’ll be examining video and also looking at a series of still images to experiment with the alternatives.

It’s always interesting to hear other people’s views and opinions on the work we’re making. I know some artists feel threatened to be running with an idea in one direction only to have it diverted and potentially derailed by someone else. Working on display in the public eye doesn’t frighten or threaten me. If my final artwork is to communicate with the public then it makes sense to engage with a little sample audience during the making of the work.

I’m risking the chance that people will disagree with my ideas, but I’m also taking the chance that an idea they’ll have will enhance my work; that they’ll send it in a direction that is far better than my original thoughts. This is the chance I took when I started working in collaboration with Ben and the gamble has definitely paid off. I’m creating in ways now that I couldn’t possibly have imagined 12 months ago. Surely this can only be a good thing?


‘Stare Down’ work in progress [detail]


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