In Video…

Yesterday I explored sharing the making of Stare Down as a montage of 20 photographs. Today Ben and I have created a little video to show the final assemblage.

The Structured Chaos series is always very difficult to communicate to people who haven’t seen it in the flesh. We’re hoping that by using video we can give a different perspective on how the work is created for those people who are based on the other side of the planet and who still want to engage with our art. We’re not exhibiting these artworks until they’re ready to be shown as a whole collection so this is the closest most people are going to get to seeing Stare Down.

To see the video click on the image below or see my YouTube channel here.


‘Stare Down’ 12″ x 12″ paper assemblage created by Melanie Ezra and Ben Honebone. There is no glue used to create this artwork. Instead the 18 layers of paper are held in place using paper fasteners at each corner.


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