Where We’re Headed

After the success of Stare Down I usually break for a while to consider the next piece. Sometimes I need weeks of thought just to decide on the first moves on a fresh photograph.

The thing is, I’ve been dreaming of where to go for a while. I’ve been considering road trips and relaxation. I’ve been musing during these lazy summer months on where the inspiration needs to come from and where we’re headed.

My cuts are no longer random in the paper so no new work can be trusted to be properly chaotic in nature. I’ve tried cutting blindly on the back of photographs and I still seem to form a rhythm. I cannot trust myself to cut without getting a feel for comfort and harmony. I need a way to form a Structured Chaos artwork which breaks my usual working patterns.

After playing about with Deep Dream a few weeks ago it seems logical to use this as inspiration albeit in an indirect way. Today, I’m playing with one of Ben’s photographs to see how this is possible. I’m thinking I can use a dreamed photograph to inspire my cuts, using it as a reference for each layer in the next Structured Chaos artwork.

The next piece is already in pre-production. Cutting for this will begin towards the end of the week.



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