Function and Framing

I’m considering alternative methods of framing Stare Down although for now I might just house it in a standard frame like the rest of the Structured Chaos series.

I find the act of framing very therapeutic although the result itself often does nothing for me. I acknowledge that good framing is an art-form all of its own. Whilst bad frames are oppressive and stifle a piece, good frames are able to lift and enhance a work. To me, framing is like getting a crayon and drawing a line around the edge of a picture when you’re 5. I know it brings protection to the art for ease of transport and prevents damage, but I just cannot get excited about it beyond that.

So for now, the white frame will do its job. I can then put Stare Down somewhere safe and know that it will be gallery ready for when the whole Structured Chaos is finished and ready for exhibiting. This framing will serve its purpose, for now.

‘Stare Down’ paper assemblage (detail)


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