A New Frontier

This tiny section marks the beginnings of Cadillac. This first layer looks intricate and time consuming but is actually developing quite quickly because I’m using a completely different way of cutting to anything else previously cut in our Structured Chaos series.

Rather than draw into my own mind for shapes and inspiration I’m using a reference picture which is sending my cuts in ways which I’ve never before considered. This frees up my mind to concentrate on the cuts themselves rather than also having to think about which direction in which to head. With Cadillac, Ben and I are exploring and mapping a whole new world. It’s exciting because we’re pushing my cutting skills far beyond my comfort zone. I’ll be tackling obscure curves as well as architectural and mechanical shapes.

In today’s popular culture, of likes and memes, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be heard above the crowd but we won’t stop shouting. We have no desires to fit in with the norm or imitate whatever art is in vogue at the moment. Even when we created Stare Down we knew that it was pure coincidence that brought us into the insane contemporary world of cats. If we were going to create an artwork based on a cat it would only be on the proviso that was going to push this body of work into somewhere new. Stare Down had something to say beyond the everyday stereotype. We considered what made her her. We dissected her attitude, arrogance and the independence. We looked at her physiology and her psychology. We stared her down just as much as she did us.

Cadillac will push everything to a whole new level again. Every new artwork we aim to create something which will blow the rest of the series out of the water. We’re here to test the limits and then stretch them until they break. As artists, it’s what we were born to do isn’t it?



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