This Broken World

Some people run just to get the basics: water, healthcare, food. Some run just to stand still with finances. Some can’t run, go nowhere but feel the need to be somewhere. Some run in the wrong direction and don’t realize it until it’s too late. There are others who can’t run and don’t know where they’d run to if they had the option. Then there are those of us who know where we need to be running to and find ourselves fighting at every chance to run that new path, if only so that we can continue running as far and as fast as we can on our own terms.

Sometimes everything feels broken and there is great loss and sorrow when there should be joy. There is that feeling that things aren’t going right and nothing is where it should be. There’s no point in this situation in trying to put a brave face on things and there’s nothing worse than being told to cheer up, that other people in the world have it worse, to look on the bright side.

This does not mean to say that existence is futile. Instead it’s a matter of regaining perspective and mentally regrouping. It helps to pause and have a cuppa; change the old metaphorical running shoes for a fresh pair. There is no point in crying about things that can never be and opportunities that may have been missed. Nobody can tell you when you’ll be ready to run again. Nobody can help you run this human race.

But when you’re ready you’ll finally see that even broken things in this broken world can be beautiful.



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