Corsets, Publicity, and the Venice Biennale

Summer is drawing to an end and it’s quite a quiet time for me. I’m about to hit the ground running in September though and have so many projects about to kick off it’s ridiculous. One of these is an exhibition I’m co-curating at the end of September called A Victorian Tapestri which aims to create a dialogue between Victorian attitudes and the evidence that remains here in contemporary Swansea. Already artists from all over the country are considering and creating, delving and deliberating. From Victorian corsets to workhouse soundscapes it looks like this show will have it all.

Then there’s a little matter of the Venice Biennale. I’ve created some miniature versions from the Structured Chaos series for the Venice Vending Machine which will be opening at the end of next month.

I’m also about to kick off a series of photography workshops called Bringing Gower Home out on the beautiful Gower peninsula. Oh and I’ve also got a few publicity calls to make in promoting Swansea: On the Map with Rose Davies.

I think that’s about it. Of course I’m still making more Structured Chaos, and creating a whole heap of bespoke Converse shoes, and I haven’t even got time to mention the amazing socks I’m about to start designing and knitting, or the plans for that shop in the High Street, or … or …. or….

Yeah, like I say, it’s a quiet time.



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