Spot the Mistake

Well here are yesterday’s 99p Converse shoes in all their glory. I’ve custom mixed a blue fabric paint with glitter and kept the pink inners. The laces have been replaced with white satin ones. The tatty off-white has gone from the outside but I’ve kept the pale inners as a complementary colour to the pink and blue. Compared with yesterday’s picture I think this is a huge improvement. The overall effect gives a kind of strawberry/raspberry bubblegum flavour to the shoes.

I’ve done quite a few shoe projects now. Upcycling old Converses is turning into quite a lucrative hobby and these should fetch far more than 99p when relisted back on eBay; that is if I can bear to part with them. Normally I make a rule not to buy shoes that are my size so I have no option but to sell them on and make money*. The mistake I’ve made this time is to buy shoes in my size. I guess these aren’t going anywhere fast.


*you know, so that I can feed myself and etc


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