Window Shopping

I’m really excited to be embarking on a fantastic new project with fellow artist Rose Davies here in Swansea.

For one month only we’ve commandeered an empty shop and will be presenting all manner of art practices in the window. We’ll be taking up residence on the shop floor itself and inviting various artists from across the city to join in with this unique opportunity.

Our shop, R & Ez Art, will not sell anything and it will only be open to the public for certain occasions. We’re more than happy for people to swing by for a quick chat to us about our project whilst we work though the main action will be in the window.

We’re calling our display the Bagpuss Window. We’re inviting people to add to our window display but will not be allowing items to be taken away by anyone other than their rightful owners. This display will change on a daily basis.

I’ll be posting images from this project regularly throughout September. Meanwhile if you’re in Swansea from Monday then visit 228 High Street* and see what it’s about.

Today's window at R & Ez Art

Today’s window at R & Ez Art

R & Ez Art will have the shutters open for viewing most weekdays** from 9am.

* The old R and Z Fashions store
** Not Wednesday


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