Deferring Responsibility

It’s not often I pass my writing duties over to somebody else but occasionally other people are saying exactly the same words that I want to say. Since I’m working in partnership with Rose Davies it makes sense to me that we also write in partnership on occasion.

Yesterday I mentioned our Bagpuss Window on Swansea High Street. There were many details I left out which I was going to write about today. Fortunately for me Rose filled in missing bits with her blog. So it makes sense to just send you over to her for the latest. Stop reading this nonsense here and head over to to read some quality words about how our project came to be. Oh and she has a whole heap of extra photographs showing what we’re up to.

Also if you’re in Swansea on Monday then visit me at 228 High Street and see what it’s about. I’ll be there from around 9am.


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