Sentience and Sapience

I’m hard at work at R & Ez Art later today trying to complete more on Cadillac which is proving to be really difficult just because of the sheer weight of people visiting this week to talk about the art we have in our Bagpuss Window.

We expected local artists to put things in the window but we completely underestimated the range and scope of what this means. It seems everyone in Swansea is an artist and is prepared to put things forward for the window. We’ve had a gold pig skull, a painted landscape on driftwood, a stone carved Möbius strip, a strip door curtain to help keep the bugs out made from crime scene tape, and so many other things it’s hard to keep track. The window is evolving at such a rate that I think it has taken on a sentience of its own.

I discovered this little artist painting his canvases the other day. I don’t remember putting him there so I can only assume that my fellow shopkeeper Rose Davies sneaked him in there… or maybe not. After only 4 days at R & Ez Art I’m not daring to question the sapience of what is happening here. When I’m here on my own sometimes I feel like he’s moved. I’m not sure what his plans are or if he intends to do more to his canvases. Maybe whilst I’m writing this he’s already up to something and later I’ll find out if my theories on this window being its own entity are correct… Or maybe I’m imagining all this?

Please pop in and say hello. We’re open today and tomorrow 9-5pm. Opening times vary* so check the event page on Facebook for the latest here:

R & Ez Art, 228 High Street, Swanseaholo-4













*because we’re managing other commitments and projects around this one.


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