The Uncanny Window

The window is growing daily here at R & Ez Art and I believe my suspicions are correct. I caught these guys up to no good as soon as I opened the store shutters this morning.

The Marie Lwyd head in the window has turned through 180° and is facing me and I’m sure some of the paper goods in the window have moved.

Every day people are bringing us more art to display so I’m starting to take away some of mine to make space. We’re getting regular visitors now who take the time to see what’s different. This week seems to have focused on anatomy and physiology. Pig skulls sit with puppet heads, doll arms reach up out of the ground, whilst a polystyrene head winks at passersby.

I’m not sure how this will all end up. Will it be more sinister by next week? What will people bring us today? The initial idea of the Bagpuss Window bringing lost things out of cupboards and into the public eye is fast turning into the uncanny.

Freud would be proud.



2 thoughts on “The Uncanny Window

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