Mark Marking

I’m still soldiering on with Cadillac although I’ve lost my impetus somewhat with all the excitement of being in the shop (see yesterday’s post).

I’m determined that I will be more focused on this coming week and try to keep this project on track. It’s always going to be difficult with so many things happening around me be I can’t let this one slide.

I’m currently making marks for this second layer of cutting. I don’t sketch anything out beforehand because as far as I’m concerned I’m drawing and thinking with the scalpel. People often seem surprised that I’m so bold with my mark making but it’s not like there’s a lot that can go wrong. Cutting with something like this just isn’t as final as you think. It’s not like I’m doing brain surgery or anything like that.

I think I work more like a sculptor than a surgeon. I’m whittling shapes out of the paper. I start quite loose and refine things as I go. It’s an interesting process.



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