Heel Turning

I’m designing socks at the moment, around other things I have on the go. Knitting can be a tricky business and I’ve just turned this heel on a pair of knee-highs.

I love wearing socks that I’ve created myself. There’s something satisfying to know that my feet are being kept warm by something bespoke and tailored to my exact anatomical specifications. With the right yarn they can last for years and years. I’m currently wearing a pair I knitted five years ago using technical specification hiking sock yarn. The tog rating on these makes my feet feel like warm and cozy without sweating. I also grafted the toes on these using Kitchener stitch. This means they’re totally seamless, so even after miles of walking I don’t have even the slightest hint of blisters.

The downside to sock design is making sure to keep notes as I go. It’s never enough to design and knit one sock; convention dictates that they come as a pair. It also useful to know what I’ve done in case I want to knit another pair of these beauties in the future.



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