Stop the Block

I’m making headway this morning with Cadillac… oh who am I kidding, I’m so slow I might as well be going backwards. I’m just not feeling this piece anymore. It’s lost all relevance and I cannot see a way of continuing with it. It’s very rare for me to abandon a piece of artwork and I know that there is much that Cadillac can still offer. I’m just not feeling it right now and I haven’t been feeling it at all this month if I’m honest.

I’ve encountered stalls like this before so I know exactly how to approach the situation. There’s no point punishing myself for my lack of motivation towards Cadillac. Similarly, there’s no point in pushing myself to do a few hours here and there on this piece because it will start to feel like a chore that I’m trying to crowbar in to my schedule. An internal stress about this is not helpful or constructive.

I’ve been creating assemblages for the Structured Chaos series continuously since January so it’s no surprise that I’ve reached this saturation point. The relentless drive is not something which I am capable of continuing in perpetuity. No. What I need to do is wipe this from my schedule altogether and give myself some time off from it. I need to not think about it, or try to reason with it. I need to stop completely and take the break I need so that I can consider this with fresh eyes. If I want to regain my focus and direction then I need to completely defocus and regroup.

The only way to stop a block like this is to acknowledge the block and respect it rather than grinding myself into a depression about it. Take Cadillac off the agenda for a few days, it’s time to look away.

And relax…



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