It’s On!

I’m back on track today and motoring along with Cadillac. My hiatus from this piece along with inspiration from elsewhere has really helped me to reason through why I’m doing this.

Sometimes I tend to overanalyse things rather than just cracking on with the job in question. This body of work, Structured Chaosis valid and continues to be valid. I cannot just stop because it doesn’t currently float my boat. Ben and I agreed that we would continue to make this series until we didn’t feel we needed to make it any more. The question of how to stop and when to stop isn’t something that needs to be asked right now. We’ve been testing out pieces from this series with the passing audience at R & Ez Art on Swansea’s High Street and the response has been good. Although the series is 9 months old to us it has not yet been shown as a collection and as such should not be considered a dead concept before it has even had a chance to come alive.

As a result I’m just working Cadillac through on instinct. Although each panel takes me a long time, which ultimately gives me a lot of thinking space, I need to make sure that I don’t let these thoughts distract me from creating. Similarly I don’t need to fill my head with other things whilst meditating on these panels. It’s about getting the balance right about where we’re headed, where we’ve come from, and ultimately where we need to be.

These cuts aren’t important. I shouldn’t get hung up on anything that I’m doing here. These are simple little details in the greater scheme of things. It is this greater vision that needs to be addressed and kept in check. I need to return my focus to this wider picture. I’ve been putting too much pressure on myself to complete so many artworks in a certain amount of time and whilst deadlines are useful they can also hinder progress by causing creative blockages. I need to work out what my workflow needs to be for Cadillac and work with this flow rather than against it.

‘Cadillac’ work in progress


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