A Victorian Tapestri

A Victorian Tapestri  curated by Melanie Ezra and Tim Kelly

We have asked artists, makers, and performers to respond to the ideas of hidden and buried histories in the 19th Century across Swansea. These include industrial development, mass migrations, multiculturalism, power, and society. We use the title ‘Victorian’ fast and loose to mean the most turbulent years of growth and development across Swansea. Our story starts with the suicide of Mary Shelley’s sister Fanny Imlay on High Street in 1814 at the Mackworth Hotel, and finishes in 1913 with the building of the new police station on the site now occupied by Tapestri. Our contemporary interpretations of this timeframe can be seen until October 9th.

There are 26 artists involved in A Victorian Tapestri from numerous disciplines. We have story tellers, gong players, barley maltsters, performers, and historians alongside traditional and contemporary artists. We begin this Friday from 7pm and the show will be open daily.
Tapestri, Llys Glas, 37 Orchard Street, Swansea, SA1 5AJ


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