The Best Season

This time of year really is the best. There is a young sycamore outside my house and I am watching the leaves turn through the colours as autumn progresses.

I’m using this tree as an experimental ground for some new photo-editing software. There’s nothing special or groundbreaking here in terms of the results but for me this type of experiment is vital in keeping myself grounded.

Looking at my immediate surroundings in new and interesting ways helps to keep my brain fresh. It can be easy to get bogged down in the daily humdrum of life. Watching the tree through my window on a daily basis brings me peace and gives me a different focus and purpose. Creating photographs of what I see every day means I spend time connecting and meditating on what already exists and what is possible.

I’m thinking outside of the box in terms of examining my surroundings. This mindfulness means I am capable of pushing myself in other tasks. This tree gives me space to function.


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