They think it’s all over…

Here at R & Ez Art we’re coming to the last few days of our venture on Swansea High Street. It’s been a fun month, with visitors to the street interacting with everything from pig skulls to paintings to gongs to labyrinths.

The idea was to inhabit a space to bridge the gap between gallery and studio; between artist and public. We are not highbrow, we are not the elite. We are inclusive; existing in a space of our own choosing. We are artists challenging ourselves to engage with the world through discovery and innovation.

As such we have been showing other artists and members of the public that art does not need to be linked to the academic world or to the therapeutic and occupational health sector (although each of these is equally valid). it does not have to feature in fancy publications or in galleries. It can exist in its own right and form its own community and talk to others on terms that are not out of reach of the ordinary. We’ve formed dialogues with people about expression and that freedom to express. We’ve created beyond our own comfort zones and encouraged others to do likewise.

We’ve had pleas for the shop to continue but we reckon that high impact and short-term is exactly the tonic our High Street needs. We’ve not ruled out coming back this way with something similar to shake up the shoppers and visitors to this area. As renegade art experimentalists it just wouldn’t be in our nature to settle in a permanent space…. for now.

R & Ez Art at the Bagpuss Window continues at 228 High Street, Swansea. Open 10-5pm Mon-Wed


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