I’ve been asked about my views on the word ‘aesthetic’ and how it applies to life, the universe, and everything.

I’m thinking about both definitions of the word. They might seem very different but to me they underpin everything I do. The first is concerning beauty, looks, and style; the second is a set of principles underlying the work of a particular artist or artistic movement. As an artist I can say that my style of beauty and my way of being is reflected deeply in the art that I create. I crave simple things in natural settings. I love quiet and calm places, and I find beauty in simplicity.

Clothes are important to me and are useful as a means of personal expression. I’m not afraid of colour but I wear it in a considered way, preferring Autumnal tones or rich purples. If I create a complexity it is through layering natural materials and classic cuts in creating my own style. I am not a fashionista and i have no interest in what’s in this season. I know what I like and what I want to wear. If I think of clothing which I feel I need in my life but which does not yet exist, then I will choose to design and create it myself rather than follow the herd.

These personal aesthetics in turn spill into my art. Although there are often complex layers and meanings to my work, there is always an underlying simplicity and solid strength to the images I create. The principles upon which I base my work are often in an attempt to dissect and comprehend something difficult and break it down visually into simpler terms.

It is important for me that my work takes long periods of time to enable thought into my process. I cannot create serious work quickly. If I take less than a day to make an artwork then it fails to hold significance or meaning in comparison to an artwork which has taken a month. The meditation and flow of creating art comes from a desire to empty the clutter from my mind and to stimulate calm and happiness within me. I cannot create angry or aggressive pieces because the angst in viewing them would disturb me further. Instead I dispel any negative feelings in my soul by creating things of beauty and meaning. The results can be uncanny and sometimes challenging, but never harmful or negative in their intention.

The underlying principles of my art, and my way of life, are borne out of a desire for calm and happiness. I am unsure as to whether these are communicated to people who view my work but nevertheless, they are there.



2 thoughts on “Aesthetic

  1. there is a still a big debate about the aspect “aesthetic”. The way you describe it , well, I believe you don’t need the aesthetic at all 🙂 . I am belonging to the group of those who believes that true art does not imply aesthetics at all. it helps to interact and too hook up with a label ,so your art is understood. But it also counters the message that the audience is looking for this aspect and once found , he or she will be gone without the inner message you are willing to offer. All this , my point of view. tata B

  2. Thanks Mel for your thoughts on ‘an aesthetic’ as research for my Uni essay. It would appear that ‘an aesthetic’ can be a very personal perception and perhaps as in art, one’s appreciation of a piece will be dependant as is the art itself as created by the artist. The appreciation of art is a very personal perspective and, as in my case, I struggle with the surreal which manifest when trying to create a satisfactory surrealist image for my tutor last semester, I am very literal and strive to create photo images that are self explanatory. Ray

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