New Workshops Coming Soon

I’m delivering a project called Bringing Gower Home in partnership with Gower Landscape Project. It’s an exciting and innovative community photography initiative which sees people from all walks of life, who would not normally visit the Gower, spend the day seeing what the peninsula is all about.The workshops are designed so that the participants are improving their self-esteem and awareness of their new surroundings. They’re challenged to see themselves in a different light as well as enjoying the day out.

The idea is that nature, the coast, the people, and the heritage are all examined across 10 different workshops by 10 different groups from different organisations across the Swansea Bay area. Factor in that I want to make sure these workshops happen in as many different locations as possible and you can see how much of an organisational and logistical challenge this is. But it doesn’t stop there. After each workshop has been delivered there is a celebratory feedback for participants at a venue convenient for the participating organisation. This could be back at their headquarters or at a neutral venue such as a library or a cafe. They really are Bringing Gower Home by sharing memories of their time on the Gower and becoming advocates of this unique part of the world.

I’m delivering and facilitating this whole project and it’s really exciting but also really difficult too. The problems mostly arise when trying to find venues on Gower which can be used as a suitable base for the photography workshops. Some of my partner organisations consist of clients with a physical impairment so I need to find places which are suitable for those with mobility issues. A lot of buildings on Gower are listed so they don’t always have disabled access. The wild and rugged landscape isn’t exactly designed for wheelchairs either. I have a few choice places which tick every box for my client base but I don’t want to use these over and over.

I’ve ended up thinking totally beyond the usual village halls in order to take in the full length and breadth of the Gower. I have upcoming workshops at CHAPS, Rhossili Bunkhouse, and Gower Heritage Centre among others. The results of previous workshops can be seen on the Bringing Gower Home part of this website which you can find here. If you’re interested in taking part then can find more about my photography workshops and what to expect from them here.

Melanie Ezra Photography Workshops


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