Bringing DOMINO home

As part of the Bringing Gower Home project, groups of participants are asked to report back to their peers and share news of their experiences out on Gower. This feels like a huge deal since talking and presenting things doesn’t come naturally to most.

Bringing Gower Home is different though since participants are encouraged to talk about their experiences indirectly through talking about the photographs that they have created. It is up to them how much they use words to accompany their pictures. The feedback participants deliver to their peers, their friends, and their family, is in the shape of an informal celebratory event where just being with what makes them smile about Bringing Gower Home is the key to feeling successful. Any talking will flow naturally and ultimately enhances the self-worth and confidence of the participants involved.

The first Bringing Gower Home group explored Reynoldston and Cefn Bryn on Gower last month. This group was formed of a group of talented individuals affiliated with WCADA’s DOMINO Therapeutic Recreation Project. This group will be meeting at their own cafe in Taibach next Wednesday where they’ve come up with the clever idea of combining their feedback event with a celebration of a year of art and photography with DOMINO. This fantastic exhibition celebrates the artistic creativity of DOMINO participants in many media forms and I’m really proud that the talented individuals of this celebrated project wish to share the best of this with you.

Come and join us at the 12Cafe in Taibach for around 1:30pm til 3:30pm. Light refreshments will be available. 12Cafe, 37 Commercial Road, Taibach, Port Talbot SA13 1LN

You can read more about Bringing Gower Home and have a sneak preview of some of the photographs created here.

DOMINO Photography Exhibition Oct 14 2015


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