Abstract 2

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m involved in an unusual piece I’m working on for the Heath Robinson Museum. This museum is about to be built  and is certain to become a national treasure holding some real… um… national treasures. Heath Robinson was responsible for some of the most wonderful illustrations of the 20th century. He created drawings for Rudyard Kipling as well as illustrating Shakespeare. He really is part of the British landscape. Even people who haven’t heard of him know his work when they see it, so pervasive is his influence.

I’m working on an artwork which will be sold in a secret sale in aid of The West House and Heath Robinson Museum Trust. This is a fantastic opportunity for artists to exhibit their work and help support the building of the Heath Robinson Museum. I’m no illustrator but that doesn’t matter. I’ll happily donate something, anything, if it means that members of the public more opportunity to engage with art.

A few hours of my time here and there to create something bespoke to raise money for others is no bother. It has the added bonus that I can create something as a one-off, without any preconceptions, which can give my brain a different type of impetus.

The organizers have provided a 6″ x 6″ canvas to work on and I’ve created this little collage which I’ve called Fire, Sky. I have no artist statement to accompany this piece. It is what it is. Say what you see and that is what it is about.

Fire, Sky will be on display in the Upstairs Gallery at West House in the Pinner Memorial Park on November 6th and will go on sale over that weekend. Meanwhile, if you want to find out more about this fundraiser then click here.

‘Fire, Sky” 6″ x 6″ disembowelled photograph collaged onto on canvas


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