I’ve experimented over the years with various platforms for my sales but selling art on the internet is a nut I’m yet to crack.

The catch is that  my collages are often so subtle that sometimes a full frontal photograph can kill it stone dead. A lot of virtual shops don’t provide the facility to post multiple shots from multiple angles. Meanwhile others charge a monthly fee which means you’re haemorrhaging money with no guarantee of making any. I could (and have) built my own custom store but without a comprehensive advertising campaign it’s just pointless.

The latest venture is via Artfinder which is looking very promising in comparison to previous shop incarnations. I can advertise my collages and show them from multiple angles and the site takes a commission based on sales. The customer interface is really easy to use and I can really show off my back catalogue here.

I’m adding artwork here daily at the moment so it’s worth checking me out. You can either click on the store button at the top of this screen or follow the link here. I’d love any feedback about this new way of presenting my artwork to the world so please let me know your thoughts on my Artfinder Store.

My Artfinder Store


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