Child of the Great Transformers

It’s not often I divulge personal stuff here and I’m not about to start now. Needless to say there have been a lot of things going on recently behind the scenes.

Changes in circumstances always bring with them new challenges. They derail a previous course and set life onto a new journey. Some people fear change and see it as threatening to the status quo. I see change as a good thing even if it is a difficult one to embrace. Sometimes challenges bring frustrations and disappointments and bring about the need to regroup and rethink the options available. Risks are inevitable in order to succeed. You can’t expect life to bring you a future beyond your wildest dreams if you’re not prepared to speculate with what you have in front of you today.

There have been those around me who have doubted my intentions and who have criticised my way of being. All I can say is that these people do not know me well enough to make a properly informed decision. They may talk about what they think I am but they clearly do not understand what makes me why I am; or how they themselves might benefit from my pragmatism.

My life began with me and will end with me so somewhere along the line it has to be about me but this is not a selfish act and neither is it without consequence. The changes that are happening are not signifying a death of things but a transformation into new directions and new ways of being. Life evolves and continues. Some people get left behind, others choose new routes which do not involve me. Positive dialogue and support for each other creates the positive future. Jealousy, suspicion, or negativity on their part will only bring a disappointment of their own making.

I have always maintained that I will help as many people as possible to grow into the best that they can be. I will strive to do the same for myself. I will evolve and grow and welcome the next episode. The rest of this year may be tough and not bring the outcomes I hope for but I regret nothing. I am happy with the changes that are made, will run headlong at fate, and ultimately drag as many people into a successful future as I can.



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