A New Daily Regimen

The next few weeks are action packed with activities and workshops for my Bringing Gower Home project. Wednesday sees the presentation/feedback session for Group 1 in Taibach whilst next week sees two new workshops out at Rhossili and Gowerton for a local school. Three more workshops will happen in November and December along with presentation/feedback sessions to be planned and delivered for all these groups.

With so much going on in my life as a project manager it could be all too easy to let the art making slide. It’s difficult to switch the creative mojo on and off again and this last month has shown little progress with Structured Chaos precisely because of this reason.

I’m determined to get this back on track and am being more disciplined this week in order to keep Structured Chaos on course for completion. The latest piece Cadillac is taking far too long to finish and it is totally due to my own inability to prioritize. Of course paid work must come first but not at the expense of the goals and ambitions I have for my art. The only cure to this is a new daily regimen consisting of a careful workload appraisal and time management in order to make sure I’m making progress in all the right areas.

This new panel for Cadillac will be finished tomorrow with another completed by the end of the week. This is not a promise or a hope, it is a certainty.



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