Please Stand-by…

Old BBC Testcard_F

Old BBC Testcard_F

I was going to write all about the anniversary of the Worker’s Gallery at Ynyshir today. They’re celebrating their first year of showing art at the Rhondda here in Wales. It’s really exciting to be a part of it all. But then there’s a wonderful article on all of this over at Wales online. Read all about it here.

Similarly I was going to write all about the event happening in Taibach this afternoon. As part of my Bringing Gower Home project participants from the first group are celebrating their achievements this afternoon. I’ll write about this tomorrow.

Meanwhile I’m facing a technical issue in that my ‘R’ button on my laptop is dying. It has taken me 10 minutes just to type the last 7 sentences. I find myself adapting by attempting to pen sentences which don’t involve this key. In fact I’m doing well in this passage by ingeniously not using it at all. I’m widening my knowledge of language in finding suitable substitutes but this is just getting impossible. I need to fix this soon. This annoyance is difficult to avoid and it is beginning to affect my ability to communicate using my PC. Just typing this section has taken all my mental faculties and it is exhausting. Technical malfunctions such as this shouldn’t be happening in this day and age. It’s a simple case of 1st wold poblems I suppose. Nomal sevice tomoow I hope…

We’e cuently expeiencing some technical issues. Please stand by…


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