Pessimism Vs Optimism

It’s not going very well today. I could wallow in my pessimism and tell you all about how I’m feeling like I’m wasting my time with all this art nonsense. I mean, sales aren’t exactly enough to make a living out of and I’m wondering if the time it takes me to add stock to my Artfinder store might be better spent flipping burgers in McDonalds. I mean, at least I get paid for the latter option, right? Then there’s the hours I put in to making the art itself. I know I make it because I want to, and because I feel that it’s a part of me that needs to be fulfilled, but that won’t pay for the mountain of bills I’m steadily accruing now we’re heading into the winter months. I could be better off just concentrating on my photography workshops and give everything else up.

This crushing pessimism isn’t just a financial one, it’s also a mental one. In the face of adversity, and seemingly up against an impossible dream, giving up is the most pragmatic thing to do isn’t it? It’s the obvious choice for happiness. Why torture myself with dreams and ambitions that are unlikely to be fulfilled? I should be more realistic about what my life could hold and what I could achieve.

But then, that kind of attitude means that nothing would ever happen. If there is even the slimmest chance of succeeding with something unique and different then I should pursue it. If everybody conformed to the norm then nothing would evolve and nothing new would emerge. My brain would stagnate rather than stimulate. No, I will not give in to the pessimism. I will rally against it and give everything I create the chance that it needs to shine. If I have the ability then I should use it. If I have a sound concept and a fine product then I should be marketing it rather than turning my back on it. If my mood and expectations are low today then that does not mean I will encounter defeat tomorrow. If I give in completely then the only success I’ll encounter will be a gold medal in giving into my own negativity.

No, the pessimism will not win. I may not be optimistic today but I will not give up. I will push on with what I need to do today to set myself up for the chance of success tomorrow. Good things can, and will, happen if I am determined and organised enough. I have to believe. I will believe. If I don’t then who will?

It’s not a matter of deciding if the glass is half empty or half full, the fact that the glass is there at all means I have to be prepared to go for it.

‘Shift’ 4″ x 6″ paper collage currently for sale at my Artfinder store.


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