Stop Motion

I’m pressing on with Cadillac but I’m also experimenting with something else alongside this artwork. A lot of people have expressed an interest in seeing a stop motion animation of the way that I make my art.

I’ve done this before in 2012, in order to promote my Small Worlds collection. Back then I only had the technology to create stop motion by physically stopping and posing for each shot. It was time-consuming and tedious. I created it using a stop watch, a camera, and a simple program on my PC and the result is quite effective considering the limitations of what I had. You can see it in full on my YouTube channel.
Thankfully technological advances since then mean I can create something far more professional. I’ve found an app which is proving quite exciting and should give me the results I want. It involves me simply pressing one button and getting on with the work at my own pace. This is far more preferable than physically taking hundreds of photographs and stitching them together myself.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results. I’ve made a few demo videos to familiarise myself with the app. I reckon I can have the results ready for viewing by the weekend.

The making of ‘The Making of Cadillac’


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