Selection or Scam

I’ve had a lovely email from an organization telling me how great they think my artwork is. They would like to select me for inclusion in a publication which would be distributed across the United States and possibly beyond. There’s a really great title called something like ‘Important World Artists’ or ‘International Contemporary Masters’ or something, and it looks like a great opportunity.


There are fees. Monthly fees. Very high monthly fees. They’re only applicable if I’m selected but they’re there none the less. The fees that they’re charging would either suggest that I need to be rich or gullible or both. In fact, the more I look at this opportunity the more I realize that I would actually just be paying for advertising space. The ‘selection process’ is simply fancy wording and has nothing to do with recognition of my art. For ‘curation’ read ‘book editing’.This is no analysis of my concepts or appreciation of my craft. As an artist I would like to be recognized for my ability to create rather than my ability to pay.

This is a marketing scam of the highest order. I know my art needs marketing but not to the point where I’m haemorraging money to some outside organization. If I am to make sales from my art then it should not be offset against a huge marketing debt.

Thanks but I respectfully decline your kind offer to be included in your publication.



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