Sock it.

There’s been a mad rush on at the moment to get another project complete. I’ve designed a pair of socks and am currently finishing knitting the second of the pair.

Knitting can be exceptionally frustrating because it takes such a long time from conceiving the design to wearing the article. Socks are even more cumbersome since you never get the satisfaction of having created one. You always have to go back and knit a second before the eureka moment hits. The bonus of knitting my own clothes is that all I have to do is imagine something that I would love to wear and I know I can make it possible.

I relish the mental challenge of designing and knitting something difficult. It is as rewarding as creating my paper artworks; with the added bonus that I can wear the finished art.

These knee high socks have been on the go now since the summer and now the weather is closing in I can’t wait to wear them. One last push this evening and these little beauties will be mine.



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