A Gentle Amble Through the Unconscious Kingdom

My hands are hurting and this video isn’t exactly the best quality but I’m definitely making progress with Cadillac.

During cutting I’m seeing all sorts of things. The lower left hand corner always makes me think of animals and eyes. The middle section is inspired by farmland and vehicles. Then there’s a band of buildings and clouds and trees. The trees seem to be morphing into tear drops at the moment and the buildings seem to be developing into something less architectural and more circus inspired. The vehicles are gradually turning into dumb-bells, or button holes, or eyelets of some sort. My imagination runs riot when my scalpel moves.

Then this layer will go on to inspire the next layer of insanity. I don’t know how many layers there will be; no more than 18, maybe less if we feel it’s finished sooner. Meanwhile I’ll continue to build up what needs to be built, and cut away what needs to be removed. There is no deliberation now, no conscious effort, just a gentle amble through the realm of my unconscious kingdom with a scalpel.

Click on the picture to see the work in progress.


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