More Excuses?

It seems I’m doomed to make slow progress again with Cadillac. It’s sapping my strength as I have come to realise that my time for making things is being eroded. It’s a simple case of economics rather than time management. I have to eat to live and if I can earn money then I must.

In an ideal world I would earn money through art sales but this is not as realistic a possibility as making money through my skills as an educator. In an ideal world I would be able to make and market my art for around 5 hours a day with a supplemental few hours making money through tuition, or workshops, or project management of some kind. In reality it has to be the other way around and Cadillac is put on the back burner for another day.

I’m still desperate to finish this artwork. To give up on it after so many weeks in creation would be tantamount to giving up on making art completely. I’m determined not to let this part of me disappear. I am adamant that the other project work that I am doing will not undermine my well-being and the underlying principles I have for making my art.

Every day I reinforce these fundamentals and try not to let my neglect of Cadillac become a problem. I tell myself that my excuses are valid ones and that my priorities and obligations to others much be fulfilled first. Just a little cut here and there every day and I will make it to the end of this artwork eventually. I just have to chip away at it and believe that one day the full Cadillac will be realised.



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