Creative Therapy

After yesterday’s considerations on my struggles in the studio I decided to throw myself into something completely different today. A change is as good as a rest after all. So today I found myself in a courtroom making a music video. I can’t share any information other than this snippet of a photograph but it was definitely the tonic that I needed.

My studio is home to where I cut paper and make my collages. It makes sense to be creative in other media in order to nurture and harness a new creative direction. Fuelling my desire to create through other means is just one form of research which I have always believed is necessary in order to inform my art. Amongst others, I’ve examined science, literature, and philosophy in order to enhance my rationale. Similarly my creative instincts can only grow as a result of playing with other creative media.

I have no intention of becoming a full-time film maker. I enjoy the technical and production side of things but I’m no expert by a long way. For me, making this music video is a way to unwind and relax and get back in tune with my own creative mojo. This therapy is vital if I want to bring some new ideas to my work.


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