The Fall and Fall of Fall

I’m continuing on with documenting Autumn. This is my favourite season so it makes sense to be out and about taking photographs as much as possible.

I’m a big fan of all the colours and textures that come with Autumn. As the season progresses the crispness of the first fallen leaves is lost to decomposition. Meanwhile new leaf fall adds an extra layer to this rich carpet of decay.

A lot of people make the mistake in believing that Autumn is about death but it’s actually a way for plant life to rest and regenerate. The sycamore producing these fallen leaves is not dying, it’s simply shedding its leafy skin in preparation for another new year’s growth. This tree is never dormant and is certainly not dead.

I’m using this tree as a metaphor for my own lack of mojo in the studio. I know I’ll get beyond my current state of malaise. I know too that my creativity is not dead. I will use other media and other sources of inspiration to bring myself back to my studio in my own good time.



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