I only bought my first camera in 2005 so I’m still relatively new to the art photography world. I didn’t develop my practice to include collage until 2010 so Fine Art is still a new thing for me. Being a late starter has had it’s disadvantages since I’ve never had the chance to be entered for any ‘Young Artist’ type awards.* But then being older means I also have with me a different skill set in that I have brought with me knowledge and experience from other disciplines that I can turn to my hand to as and when required.

I could go on about ageism but that’s not anything new. Instead I’m more worried about where my direction with my art is going after a decade and what, if anything, I can bring to another 10 years creating. So I’m running out of time to win the Turner Prize but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest; that world is so far beyond me that I fail to understand its relevance or significance in my own art. I’ve developed beyond ‘inexperienced’ and through ’emerging’ and now could possibly be classed as ‘undiscovered’ but whatever the moniker it’s my own labelling of myself that matters more than anything anyone else could bestow upon me.

The thing is that I’ve always created in one medium or another. It’s something I was brought up with and I never saw that it was anything special until I discovered people who don’t seem to have this creativity gene. Whilst I’m on a hiatus from Structured Chaos I’m not going to sit still and wait for my mojo to come back. The best way to move forward is to explore every route going. Some days this means discussing deep and meaningful philosophies, other days it means discovering a new methodology, today this just meant photographing pigeons.


*I was once told that it was my own fault for being older and that I should’ve taken a different path in life, and come to art sooner, if I wanted to be recognised for being a ‘young’ or ‘less-experienced’ artist. You don’t want to know what my response was to that…


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