Knit Two Purl Lots

It’s taken me far too long but they’re finally finished. These long socks are tailor-made for me and by me. I’m thinking of a shorter pair next but first I have a jumper I need to design for a Christmas present.

Jumpers are annoying to make because they are so big. With larger needles they grow quickly but they’re a lot harder to take to places whilst they’re under construction. A sock can be knitted in a small space and in the car or train. A jumper requires a larger space, grander mindset, as well as more materials.

I’m all over this next knitwear design but won’t be in a position to reveal anything until after it has been delivered to the recipient so this will be the last you’ll hear about knitwear for a while at least. Meanwhile, be as impressed as I am with these snazzy socks. They’re really warm and will last me years and years.



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