Of Site and Song

This week sees the opening of the winter show at the Workers Gallery at Ynyshir. The Workers Gallery has an amazing community spirit and there is always a buzz about the place. This show will be no exception.

This is going to be an amazing show with  contributions from the resident Workers Gallery artists as well as Gallery Workers Mates. I am one of the gallery residents and as such have decided to show Ascensionfrom the Structured Chaos series, which I’ve completed in collaboration with Ben Honebone. This will be the first time Ascension has been show at a gallery so we’re excited to see what kind of response it will get.

We’ve only been releasing a few of the series at a time at the moment until the whole Structured Chaos series is complete. With there now being an open-ended deadline for the completion of this body of work it seems silly to sit on it all indefinitely and not show it. So from tomorrow you can pop along to the gallery in Ynyshir and see this for yourself. Ben and I will be there on Saturday afternoon for the official launch. It would be great to see you there and find out what you think about the way we’re approaching our art.



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