The Final Cadillac

After many months, stops and starts, crises of confidence and whatnot we can finally reveal Cadillac as a finished artwork.

A lot of questions have been raised during the construction of Cadillac as to why and where this series is to progress. This is the seventh assemblage in our Structured Chaos series and it is important to work out a few issues if this is to continue. I’ve always insisted on at least ten layers of cut photograph in order to make each assemblage but as the series has progressed this seems unwieldy and unneccessary. The idea that the assemblage can be communicated just as effectively in less is more than evident here. Cadillac is formed of just 8 layers of hand-cut photograph held in the corners with paper fasteners.

My partner Ben Honebone provides the photographs for me to cut and Cadillac is no different in this respect. His photographs are always a joy to work with and we have many more of his images lined up for potential use in the Structured Chaos series. I cut the layers blindly on the reverse of the photograph in order to turn his beautiful compositions into chaos. We work strictly within the confines of Ben’s original photograph and explore the possibilities of what is contained within it.

This assemblage has the additional structural variation provided by putting his original photograph through the Deep Dream interface. For the first layer I referred directly to this Deep Dream variant. Each subsequent layer referred to the one before it. This loose structure has made for interesting results. Some key elements of the first cut have remained whilst others have been lost as the layers progressed.

The cutting of some of these layers can be found over on my YouTube Channel. Here you can clearly see the previous layer that I’m using as a reference and how I am clearly not influenced by Ben’s photograph. Of course it does pop into my mind from time to time and at the end of each layer we look to see how this one has worked out in comparison to the others.

Cadillac is just as unique as the rest of the assemblages in this Structured Chaos series. It is going to be a difficult one to follow in many respects.



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