A Winter on my Knees

I’ve been having some big, long discussions during the last 24 hours, with my collaborative partner Ben Honebone, as to where Structured Chaos needs to be headed next. After Cadillac we don’t want to be stuck in some kind of creative malaise and need this project to be headed somewhere new and relevant if it is to continue.

The feedback we’ve received has been awesome but discussion always seems to revolve around people wanting to see assemblages bigger than our standard 12″ x 12″. I keep pointing out to critics that the cost of materials is a massive factor and to create something of quality at a larger size could bankrupt us. I mention that if they were to pay then we’d happily do a commission of a larger size. Unsurprisingly people are happy to look at something larger but not contribute to the financial burden of creating it; or owning it.

Nevertheless we’re about to explore making something larger, perhaps as big as 30″ x 30″. The difficulty is balancing quality and cost of the materials as well as the time it will take for me to cut the artwork. The chances are that due to the increased size we’ll never find a buyer for the finished artwork but nevertheless this is an avenue we feel we need to explore next. Ben has chosen a photograph for us to work with and we now need to make sure this scales up correctly. Either way, it looks like I’m going to be spending the winter cutting this next one on the floor of my studio rather than at my desk.

A picture? A hint at what this will be? No chance. Instead have a picture of something that I’ve been playing with in the Deep Dream interface. This image has been created purely for my own amusement by putting a completely blank white jpeg through the interface and seeing what materialises. This is the 5th iteration of that blank space. Fun to do, but completely irrelevant in the great scheme of things. Still, it’s tickling these creative urges that brings about new and interesting directions. Something is always worth exploring even if, in this case at least, it leads to something useless.

White 5th Iteration


2 thoughts on “A Winter on my Knees

  1. Hi

    Two suggestions.

    1. Create an massive original and then make prints that can be sold at a more afford price. The original could have a higher price for those who might want the original.

    2. Create your small original prints but then create poster size prints for those who want the impact of a large work but can only afford the price of the small.

    You would need to use a quality print making process.
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