Secret Agents

On October 31st I hinted at a little secret side project I’ve been working on and finally I am able to reveal all. I’ve been helping my good friends at goldbringer by producing something which has ended up as far more than just your standard music video. Secret Agents was made in collaboration with my partner Ben Honebone and is a strange tale of justice and cat heads.

Secret Agents has been almost six months in the pre-production stages. The cat heads were made for goldbringer by local felt artist Mizz Diablo and these bespoke art works are not something that can easily be created overnight. Making items like this is a long process and has taken many weeks of research and practice. The results are definitely worth the wait. They’re quirky and different which is exactly what was required.

The video was created with help from other local artists who were more than happy to lend their skills. We have a huge history of artistic collaboration here in Swansea and it is standard practice for everyone to chip in to make things happen. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a play, performance art, exhibition, or music video, a lot of artists here believe that by widening their arts experiences they can better inform their own disciplines…. and it works!

We shot everything on location here in Swansea and the response from everyone involved has been phenomenal. Secret Agents not only looks good but it sounds awesome and we’re really happy with the results. Click on the picture below and have a look over on Youtube. Any feedback is more than welcome!

‘Secret Agents’


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