A Paved Paradise?

I’ve not made any art yet this week because i’m planning a new round of photography workshops for Communities First here in Swansea. The course runs over four mornings this month and is based on themes around self-esteem and confidence building. I’ve titled the workshop I am Great and it will challenge people in the Clydach area to see their neighbourhood in a different way.

It’s always hard to see what you’ve got in front of you. Often we spend our lives dreaming so much about the things we can’t have we fail to realize how good we actually have it. Whether you live in a concrete jungle or in a wilderness it’s often the feeling that somebody somewhere else has got it better than us. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe you are that somebody somewhere and that other people can be jealous of the life you have?

My courses are designed to challenge the daily assumptions and the daily grind that people feel they’re under. I get participants to look at where they are and examine it in a completely different way. By looking at the simple things it gives us the mental tools to deal with the more challenging aspects of life. Life is interesting and wonderful and sometimes it just takes a slightly different perspective to realize that you are great.

If you’re interested in reading about some of the workshops I’ve delivered previously then click on the picture below:



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