AntiSocial Media

I’m trying to keep up with social media, really I am. I’m connected on Facebook and Twitter. I have a shop on Artfinder and a gallery on Pinterest. Then there’s Flickr and YouTube and… a what now? What’s that? How am I supposed to keep up with it all? If I signed up for every social media platform going in order to share and promote my art then I’d spend all day promoting and not enough time actually doing.

It’s not that I’m old-fashioned and that I can’t keep up with the younger generation, it’s just that I don’t seem to be able to bring myself to care about any of it.The technological revolution of the last 30 years seems to be slowing but there are still areas that are developing. Billions of people have settled with Facebook and Twitter for various reasons but whether these will eventually go the same way as MySpace is anybody’s guess.

There are so many art, sales, and social platforms out there that promotion is not necessarily a unique or rewarding experience. Instead there are millions of people shouting to make themselves heard and hardly anyone seems to be listening anymore. Social media has become less social and less communicative as more people yell and scream at each other to get their opinions across. It’s hard to know which way to turn and which will bring the best return in terms of time, contacts, and financial reward.

My decision to stick to a few key areas has not been easy and I’m hoping that my messages are not lost in the maelstrom of discord and misdirection. The amazing new world of the internet has slowed from an information super-highway to a clogged back lane somewhere outside of Croydon.

Where do we go from here? Click here for a video about cats I guess…


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