Gone are the days when us artists have to carry around hefty portfolios to show you what’s what and it’s a great thing as far as I’m concerned but not without its drawbacks.

For photographs, using an online portfolio is perfect. It’s great to be able to place my portfolio out there where the maximum amount of people can visit. For this reason I actually have several online portfolios with various organisations. I have an extensive library of my collages over on Pinterest as well as shared albums of photographs from other projects. Then there are my Flickr albums. These cover the same collections as Pinterest but I figure that lots of people are on one or both of these platforms so there’s a chance for loads of people to access my work if they want.

The drawbacks about showing my collages in this way is that it’s often hard to see the depth of the physical artwork. To get around this there are several videos over on my YouTube account showing the process of how I make my collages. Video is perfect for this since I can show things from multiple angles and it is more suited for showing the size and the more textural aspects of my work.

Lastly, there’s a small portfolio of photographic works on my agent’s website. I have several of my photographs on book covers and publications across the globe. These art photographs and feel very different to my collage work and are available commercially to publishing houses and their representatives.

I thought about consolidating all these portfolios on this website but that, to me at least, would mean yet another portfolio here on the internet. Instead I reckon the easiest way to communicate all these things is via the buttons on the top right of this blog. There’s plenty more there too, including my ArtFinder store which I’m adding new stock to soon. Also, you can check me out on Twitter and Facebook if you’re that way inclined.

So yes, check out my new stuff, my back catalogues, my collaborations, my professional photography and my film work. It’s all out there in internet land if you want to find out more.



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